Backpacking Outdoor Adventure to Golconda For of Hyderabad

Golconda Ancient Historical Fort of Hyderabad



Golconda Fort is best choice if you love adventure traveling. This ancient fort is well known as Gollakonda Fort & Gol Konda Fort. Golconda was the capital of the medieval sultanate of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, is situated 11 km (6.8 mi) west of Hyderabad. It is also a tehsil of Hyderabad district, Telangana, India. The region is known for the mines that have produced some of the world’s most famous gems, including the Koh-i-Noor, the Hope Diamond, Nassak Diamond and the Noor-ul-Ain. Continue reading “Backpacking Outdoor Adventure to Golconda For of Hyderabad”

Maa Shamshankali Ancient Historical Temple Nehruplace Delhi

Travel to Mahakali Temple of Nehruplace Delhi


India is the land of Temples. Here are many historical world famous temples; Mahakalika Temple of nehru place Delhi is one of them. This temple is very closer to Bhariav Temple. It is situated in the southern part of Delhi, India, in Kalkaji, a locality that has derived its name from the temple and is located opposite Nehru Place business centre. The temple dedicated to goddess mahakalika. The temple is accessible by public transport on Kalkaji Mandir and is near Nehru Place bus terminus and Okhla railway station. It is also called Jayanti Peetha or Manokamna Siddha Peetha. “Manokamna” literally means desire, “Siddha” means fulfilment, and “peetha” means shrine.  Continue reading “Maa Shamshankali Ancient Historical Temple Nehruplace Delhi”

India Adventure Travel Guide Exploring Beautiful City Kasaragod

Adventure Guide About Kasaragod City of South India



Through this India Adventure Travel Guide post we are exploring; Kasaragod which is a beautiful city located 47-50 kms south of Mangalore & 20 Kms north of Bekal. It is a municipal town and the district headquarters of Kasaragod district of Kerala State. Situated in the rich biodiversity of Western Ghats, it is known for the Chandragiri and Bekal Forts, Chandragiri River, historic Kolathiri Rajas, natural environment of Ranipuram and Kottancheri Hills, historical and religious sites like the Madhur Temple and Ananthapura Lake Temple, and Malik Deenar Mosque. it is home to the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, originally established in 1916 as the Coconut Research Station. Continue reading “India Adventure Travel Guide Exploring Beautiful City Kasaragod”