Kesar Kaju Badam Pista Yummy Indian Dessert Burfi Recipe

 Let’s Eat Indian Dessert Burfi


Burfi is a dense milk based sweet confectionery from the Indian subcontinent, a type of mithai. The name is a derivative of the Persian word barf, which means snow. A few of the famous varieties of barfi include besan barfi, kaaju burfi, pista barfi and sing barfi. The main ingredients of plain barfis include condensed milk and sugar. The ingredients are cooked in a vessel until the mixture solidifies.The flavour of a barfi is often enhanced with fruits or nuts and spices. Barfis are usually coated with a thin layer of edible metallic leaf known as vark. They are typically cut into square, diamond, or round shapes. Continue reading “Kesar Kaju Badam Pista Yummy Indian Dessert Burfi Recipe”

Pista Roll Healthy Delicious Dessert Recipe

Vegetarian Traditional Sweet Dish of India


India which is my country is world famous for here Traveling locations & various kinds of  Food flavours. Pistachio Roll is one of Traditional Indian Sweet Dish.



2 Tbsp Liquid Glucose

2 Tbsp Clarified Butter Continue reading “Pista Roll Healthy Delicious Dessert Recipe”

Indian Yummy Dessert Cashewnuts Pistachio Roll Recipe

Vegetarian Indian Dessert Kaju-Pista Roll


Kaju Pista Roll is one of famous Vegetarian Dessert of our lovely beautiful country India. This dessert is really so Yummy.




500 Gm Cashew-nuts Powder

1/8 Tsp Green Cardamom Powder

4 Sheets Edible Silver Foil Continue reading “Indian Yummy Dessert Cashewnuts Pistachio Roll Recipe”