Kesari Seviyan Healthy Vegetarian Diet Dessert Recipe

Kesari Seviyan 


Seviyan which is well known as Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta round in section similar to spaghetti. In Italy vermicelli is slightly thicker than spaghetti, but in the United States it is instead slightly thinner. Vermicelli is also used to describe various types of thin noodles in Asia. In English, the Italian loanword “vermicelli” is used to indicate different sorts of long pasta shapes from different parts of the world but mostly from South or East Asia. In countries of the Indian Subcontinent, vermicelli is known by various local names such as, shemai in Bengali, seviyan in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, vaLavaT/shevaya in Marathi, simei in Odia, sev in Gujarati, shavige in Kannada, sevalu or semiya in Telugu, and semiya in Tamil and Malayalam. Continue reading “Kesari Seviyan Healthy Vegetarian Diet Dessert Recipe”