Green Gram and Cucumber Healthy Vegetarian Salad Recipe

Yummy Vegetarian South Indian Salad


Eating Salad is really very good for health. Today we are sharing the South Indian States famous Cucumber & Green Gram Salad which is really so yummy & good for health. The cucumber or less formally cuke, is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. It is a creeping vine that bears cucumiform fruits that are used as vegetables. There are three main varieties of cucumber: slicing, pickling, and seedless. Within these varieties, several cultivars have been created. In North America, the term “wild cucumber” refers to plants in the genera Echinocystis and Marah, but these are not closely related. The cucumber is originally from South Asia, but now grows on most continents. Continue reading “Green Gram and Cucumber Healthy Vegetarian Salad Recipe”

Yummy Vegetarian Salad Zaalouk Recipe

Spicy Eggplant Vegetarian Salad


Salad which is a dish consisting of a mixture of small pieces of food is really good for health. Garden salads use a base of leafy greens such as lettuce, arugula, kale or spinach; they are common enough that the word salad alone often refers specifically to garden salads. In North America, mayonnaise-based ranch dressing is most popular, with vinaigrettes and Caesar-style dressing following close behind. Continue reading “Yummy Vegetarian Salad Zaalouk Recipe”